The Scales’ Vengeance

The Scales

The gaunt Vinny had a very peculiar smile. It wasn’t symmetrical but rather started at one corner of his mouth and crept along his lips until it filled his face, falling across his eyes like dusk. A smirk compared better. Like his smile, Vinny’s personality was not symmetrical, but swept over the conversation like a hushed blanket.

Talking to Vinny is a severe experience; he deflated emotions and left them empty. Afterward, there was only the feeling that things might be just fine, like the bad day might be avenged, combined with the opposing feeling of alarm and the warm feeling that someone would pay for the day.

His name was Vengeance. He withdrew emotions as fuel and he provided comfort, after a time. His smile was his contract, often sealed without consideration.

There was only one other in his life: Jud, who scowled. He could not pay attention because by filling his contracts, Vinny distracted and disrupted him, quickly changing the balance and impacting Jud’s contracts often before he could execute them. The two often conflicted.

Vinny did not believe in “fair,” only in satisfying the contract, created by one who needed vengeance, whether justified or not. Vinny avenged an angry ex-boyfriend, before being contracted by the victim, and finally the district attorney who jailed the original contract.  Vinny chained jobs, but he was never judicial; Jud was much more selective.

Jud weighed each case and decided if action was necessary. His appearance of constant distraction were only thoughts flitting this way and that before his decision, the weight of his choices the cause of his scowl. Because of this, Jud was much more severe in most cases.

Part 2: The Scales’ Sweet Burn


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