50,000 Words to Nowhere

Today I spent an hour designing a cover for my third book, only to throw it all away as I realized how far away it seems from being finished. The book kind of rambles without a clear concept; I just write and write actions and they don’t seem to tie together well.

Other favorite parts of my office include Charizard.

The basic plot that I started with was to give my characters were-animal like abilities but 50,000 words later I’m still struggling to get that accomplished. To make it rougher, it takes place in World War II; it’s a subject I’m not the most familiar with. I’m really worried about continuity errors both with real history and what I make up. Editing fixes most of these right?

In a way, it’s almost better to just write and not have to worry about anyone else seeing it because then I don’t have to edit it. I mean know what I meant. But it’s wonderful to see my work bound with a lovely cover. In my office I have a copy of my first book on display and it’s probably my favorite part of my office.

I guess I just feel like this story is rambling and not of a good quality. My second book, Torsten, had a wonderful premise. I loved writing it! Adventure! Violence! Romance! I like writing adventures because it gets me out of my own head.

I also feel like I’ve spent too much time on this story to just throw it all away. I just need to hunker down and finish it.


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