One of the things I try to do in my life is be in control of my emotions. This desire comes from me being so unmanageable as a teen and early adult. I strive to be unflappable, and exit situations where I feel myself losing composure.

What do you do when you can’t leave the situation? Maybe it’s because someone else drove to the event, or you’re on vacation and can’t dip out from your party.

It’s very hard to handle this kind of situation, so here are my tips:

1) Literally disappear. If I feel like I’m losing some composure, the best thing I can suggest is finding a space that is devoid of stimuli, that will not be found by anyone. For me, it’s usually our pubs room. It’s quiet, and not very trafficked at all. It’s kind of dark, and cool. It’s calming.

2) Do not talk about it. Venting has a place, later, when you’ve found the funny side of the story. When I’m upset, I do not want to relive the situation. I can’t, when I’m upset. Even right now, I’m starting to shake because I’m literally going against my advice.

3) Walk around the block. This is an outside version of number 1.

4) Distract yourself. Call someone and talk about stupid shit for like five minutes. Relive an inside joke. Watch a YouTube video. Right now I’m watching a stream. It’s pretty calming to not think about my life, and instead watch RC cars play soccer.

5) Literally shove food in your face. Instead of feeling bad about that thing, feel bad about how much weight you’re gaining. It’s not nearly as depressing (for me, anyhow).

6) Realize that the day will go on. Stream some Final Fantasy.

Thank little baby Jesus today is Friday. That could be tip number 7, if today is Friday when you read this.


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