Published Works

Aznaro: The PerseveringAznaro Cover Front

An encounter with a thief leaves Aznaro in a rough spot. Accused of murder, he’s left with nothing but to leave his city to figure out his next step.

Aznaro has to pull together and figure out how to move on after everything’s been taken away with the hope to rebuild a life that never ends with the help f his brother and a Frenchman who never wanted to be involved.

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Torsten In Open WaterTorsten Estore Banner

At the end of their world tour, Aznaro’s newfound boredom leads him and his brothers Cordin and Osoro to the fleet of Cristobál Colón and his fleet: The Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa María. The officer of the María, an angry man named Rentier, seems indifferent to everything but the success of the voyage, but he has his reasons for everything. 

Soon strife arises between the crew, the officer, and the three men, and it’ll take all their patience and talent for living to get them past the Great Sea and into the new world, and then back again.

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Ghost Volta

I wrote a short article about a demo that was published on, that was a first foray into journalism.