The Scales: Vengeance/Judgment

The Scales

I’ve written a short story that I’ve named The Scales because of the balance between two of the characters, Vinny and Jud, who together make up a balance in each life they touch.
7,349 words.

Part 1: Vengeance
The gaunt Vinny had a very peculiar smile.

Part 2: Sweet Burn
Vinny followed someone’s anger for the last two hours; the burn strengthening, though he couldn’t tell if it was because he was getting closer or because their anger was growing.

Part 3: The Scales Paid
The contract crossed the wide city street with his hands shoved into his coat pockets, not bothering to look either way.

Part 4: Home Life
The male, the contract, approached riotously, hands clenched in pockets. Worry covered his face.

Part 5: The Two Sides of the Scales
“Who are you guys?” the contract cried, his fists clenched.

Part 6: After-dinner Conversation
The contract joined him at the matching the scratched round table after Vinny flopped onto one of the distraught wooden chairs.

Part 7: The Murkiest Capacity
Trying to let the irritation wash away, Vinny took two breaths and then left the kitchen, leaving the flickering light on.

Part 8: The Scales’ Consequences
In the shadowy room, near-complete darkness covered the room, with only the light through the blinds giving any illumination.

Part 9: The Scales’ Dull Hallway
“I’ve got some bad news,” Vinny began, and by the end of the retelling Jud’s news, the spines of Vengeance stung so fiercely he leaned against the wall to keep from sinking to the floor.

Part 10: The Unbalanced Scales
The man abruptly pulled a chair away from his dining room table, scraping the floor loudly. Unorganized creased papers littered the surface; possibly bills from the amount of ragged envelopes on and under the table. He whirled the chair around and flopped onto it. “What do you want?” he spit tightly, resting on one of his elbows.